Aaron by Londen Wheeler

Well, another quick post before April ends!  A spontaneous trip to North Dallas yesterday resulted in some pretty awesome photographs.  My boy Fredy hit me up yesterday afternoon and asked if I wanted to join him for a quick shoot in North Dallas.  I jumped at the invitation to join him!  Having Aaron as a model made things pretty easy and super interesting.  Fredy always tends to find the hidden nooks and crannies of Dallas and we always manage to create some interesting images.

In the process of switching bags, I left my trusty-dusty 50mm in my other camera bag so I was forced to shoot with my 24mm the entire time.  Although, I must say that I'm pretty satisfied with how everything turned out!

I hope everyone enjoyed this month!  I know some areas of the country had some pretty crazy weather at the beginning of the month.  It's been pretty chill in Texas!  This week we were in the 80s with a nice, cool breeze.  The weather has been tolerable so far.  Ask me about the weather this time next month and you'll get a totally different response!

@DeadlyDoodles Instameet by Londen Wheeler

Almost every weekend since February, I have spent time with creatives out in Dallas and I love it.  It's the greatest stress reliever for me after a week of craziness at work.  Now, I'm chilling with Trang, editing photos and watching "Abstract" on Netflix.  It's the ultimate chill day for me.

The Instameet today hosted by a creative named Drake (@deadlydoodles).  Drake was super chill and greeted every person that came to the meet.  Something that I haven't seen from organizers at other Instameet so kudos, Drake for making it a welcoming environment for everyone who showed up.

So, yeah, I didn't shoot much today but I was definitely hype to see a Mercedes-Benz G Wagon hit the scene as a prop!  I hope that you all enjoy the shots that I took around the big daddy Benz!

Amani by Londen Wheeler

Man, I've been on a roll with blog posts for this month!  It's been a great month thus far and I'm hoping that it'll continue throughout the rest of the year!

Anyway, I'd love to fill you guys in on this fun shoot!  Ceejay, a coworker of mine and I were randomly talking while on break a couple weeks ago and he mentioned wanting to get some photos done with his daughter.  I told Ceejay that I'm a photographer and that if he had some free time, I'd love to hook him up with some photos!  So we did some coordinating and ended up doing a shoot on Easter Sunday!  His daughter, Amani was so fun to be around!  Her personality was shining brighter than a million suns!  I must pat myself on the back this time because I think I captured her personality perfectly!  Not only was she fun to work with but she didn't cry a single time!  Things really got going when we would walk to our next spot and she would hear a song come on and it's like the music gave her another burst of baby energy.  It was crazy and I'm super jealous that I no longer have the ability to get hype from any music for a photoshoot!

Can't wait to do work with them again!

Happy April! by Londen Wheeler

Hey, everyone!  I hope you all are doing well and enjoying life to the fullest!  All is well in the great state of Texas.  The weather is great right now with a high of 82 degrees so I guess it's safe to say that spring time is in full swing!

Just thought I would share a few photos with you all showing what I have been up to since the Dallas InstaMeet post.  I'm still walking around and taking in as much of the city as possible because this place is huge!  I have been to Downtown Dallas so many times now that people that I met randomly walking around, I see almost every time I'm down there so that's pretty cool.

Anyway, a lot going on this month.  I'm working full time and on weekends, I'm out exploring and meeting new people.  And not to mention, my birthday is in a couple of weeks and I'll be hitting the big 23!  I accept money orders, checks, cash, Square Cash, Venmo, payment through Facebook Messenger, and gifts through Amazon! ;) 

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed their first week of April!  Also, check out yesterday's shoot with Kenny in the video below.

Just a little video I put together of yesterday's shoot with Kenny (@ayyy_itskenny) and Trang (@trangzillah).  I really need to invest in a rig so if anyone has any ideas on a good rig, let me know!