@DeadlyDoodles Instameet by Londen Wheeler

Almost every weekend since February, I have spent time with creatives out in Dallas and I love it.  It's the greatest stress reliever for me after a week of craziness at work.  Now, I'm chilling with Trang, editing photos and watching "Abstract" on Netflix.  It's the ultimate chill day for me.

The Instameet today hosted by a creative named Drake (@deadlydoodles).  Drake was super chill and greeted every person that came to the meet.  Something that I haven't seen from organizers at other Instameet so kudos, Drake for making it a welcoming environment for everyone who showed up.

So, yeah, I didn't shoot much today but I was definitely hype to see a Mercedes-Benz G Wagon hit the scene as a prop!  I hope that you all enjoy the shots that I took around the big daddy Benz!