Bose/NFL Campaign by Londen Wheeler

Bose Brand Ambassador

I’m sure many of you have seen my Facebook post, but for those who haven’t, here’s what’s been happening these past couple of months! 

Well, I’ve been very fortunate to work with a brand as big as Bose!  Somehow, I was found on Instagram and was asked to apply for a Brand Ambassador opportunity with Bose to work on a campaign in collaboration with the NFL and Dallas Cowboys.  I gladly applied for the opportunity and within two weeks, Bose accepted me to work on their campaign.  Excited as I was, I was ready for the challenge of working with a brand of this caliber. 

Bose sent a bunch of Cowboys apparel and then sent the SoundSport Free and QC35 II wireless headphones.  Now, these headphones are legit some of the best headphones I have ever used.  The funny thing is that I would always go to Best Buy and look at these headphones and think, “man, I really want these.”  Knowing that I was strapped for cash and that I needed to just keep dreaming.  Looking back, I definitely should’ve made the investment.  Plane rides would’ve been a lot better to deal with when you have noise canceling headphones like this.

Downtown Dallas & The Star

The first weekend after receiving all of the products, I set out to Downtown Dallas with some of my friends so that we could start our photoshoots.  We were out and about on some of the hottest days of Fall but the photos turned out to be amazing!  The following weekend, another group of friends and I visited The Star in Frisco.  Now, if you don’t know what The Star is, then I’m assuming you either aren’t from Dallas or a true Cowboys fan.  The Star is the world headquarters and practice field for the Cowboys.  When you walk around, you’ll see nothing but money. And I mean money!  Every time I go, I see several Lamborghinis, a Rolls Royce or two, Ferraris, and Maseratis.  I have no idea if the cars belong to the football players or if they’re owned by other millionaires living in the area. 

If any of you follow Bose on Instagram, you will probably notice that they posted one of my photos to their page already.  It was one of the top performing posts at the time that it was posted and I’ve very satisfied with the over 10,000 likes that it received.  I’m praying that Bose and I can continue working together and creating more content.  It was a hard, but fun gig!

Final Thoughts

I did want to say to all of my photographer friends who are out here grinding and doing the best they can… You can get opportunities like this too!  I think that we are so focused on our boosting followers and having a huge base on Instagram that we forget that our work can get us found.  I only have 1,500 followers on Instagram and I was still found by a huge brand for a pretty big campaign.  Just remember to keep grinding and be you.  Don’t follow what others are doing on Instagram. You can reap huge benefits by just doing your own thing.  You’d be surprised by the people who find value in your work and are willing to give you their product and PAY YOU to provide them with quality content.  Keep doing what you’re doing, y’all.  We’re all in this together!

I hope that you all enjoy the photos.  Please leave feedback with what you think about them!  I tried some new edits and would love to know what you all think about those too! Also, there are several photos that won’t be shown in this post because they were approved by Bose and you won’t get to see them yet.