Rockwall Harbor by Londen Wheeler

I'm sure you guys remember Alex from my Valentines Day post.  Well, she made a surprise appearance back on the blog.  We got to work together last week after not doing anything since February.  This time it was an awesome, summer themed shoot at Rockwall Harbor.  It was my first time at the harbor since before I graduated college in 2016.  Dallas has all of these awesome places to visit and do photoshoots and I never take advantage of it!

Anyway, working with Alex is always a pleasure because everything about her is genuine and she is truly an amazing person.  And yes, the entire fam bam was there for the occasion!  My homie Fredy was there and Anthony came along for the ride and gave us a few awesome photos as well!  We couldn't end the evening without grabbing a bite to eat at the local Chili's!  There's literally nothing better than these friendships that I've made through the power of photography.  If it wasn't for photography, I wouldn't have met all of the people that I have met here.

What do you guys think of this shoot?  It's definitely one of my favorites of the year so far!  Definitely can't wait until we do another shoot.

Fitness by Londen Wheeler

It's that time of year again, guys!  Kelsey is back to help me create more fire!  Literally fire because we were supposed to shoot earlier that day but it was literally 100 degrees, so there's that.  Anyway, whenever she comes home, we just go ham with the photo sessions.  The ideas that we come up with all the way down to the execution makes us such an unstoppable team.  I can't wait till we schedule our next shoot.  I promise that it'll be even better than this one!  Also, if anyone knows how to get us a Nike sponsorship, let us know! *winky emoji*

This was kind of my first little fitness shoot that didn't involve athletes during competition.  What do you guys think about it?  I want to do more shoots like this with athletes of other sports.  Be on the lookout!  I'm going to be working with everyone I can to keep things interesting on the blog!


Aaron by Londen Wheeler

Well, another quick post before April ends!  A spontaneous trip to North Dallas yesterday resulted in some pretty awesome photographs.  My boy Fredy hit me up yesterday afternoon and asked if I wanted to join him for a quick shoot in North Dallas.  I jumped at the invitation to join him!  Having Aaron as a model made things pretty easy and super interesting.  Fredy always tends to find the hidden nooks and crannies of Dallas and we always manage to create some interesting images.

In the process of switching bags, I left my trusty-dusty 50mm in my other camera bag so I was forced to shoot with my 24mm the entire time.  Although, I must say that I'm pretty satisfied with how everything turned out!

I hope everyone enjoyed this month!  I know some areas of the country had some pretty crazy weather at the beginning of the month.  It's been pretty chill in Texas!  This week we were in the 80s with a nice, cool breeze.  The weather has been tolerable so far.  Ask me about the weather this time next month and you'll get a totally different response!

Nailah - Class of 2018 by Londen Wheeler

Ahhh, man. Looks like I took an unintentional leave of absence from blogging!  Between work, things going on in my personal life, and trying to be a 23 year old, it's been hard to get out and take photos.  So yeah, meet Nailah!  She's a high school senior who is graduating in the next few weeks!  What a great young lady!  Very confident, very talented, and obviously works the camera like nobody else can!

It was a joy to explore Downtown Plano with Nailah and her mom.  Other than the wind blowing at 100 mph, everything about the afternoon was perfect!  I don't think there would've been a better day to do a senior shoot honestly.  Nailah is actually the first high school senior shoot that I have done since moving to Dallas so I can finally cross that off of my photography to-do-list!  What a great way to start off my first senior session in the Dallas metroplex!

If anybody is interested in doing any senior shoots, please let me know!  I am always looking to do more shoots like this.  I've always wanted to do an athletics themed senior session so definitely let me know if you guys know of anyone who would be down for that!