Dallas in October by Londen Wheeler

Fredy and I finally got back together to shoot after over a month of planning and failed attempts because... well... life.  We met up with Arthur yesterday and set out to take some photos.  

We set out and walked all over downtown to see what we could create and I'm super happy about the shots that I got.  We made a pit stop at Carmines, a New York Style pizza joint, where you can converse, laugh, eat good food, and look outside the window and see two Fisker vehicles like it's just a normal day in the neighborhood.  By the way, anybody visiting Dallas should stop by Carmines because the Philly Cheesesteak is absolutely amazing!

Also, I'm planning on taking a trip to Cali towards the end of this year so if you've ever been, let me know what places to check out!

Dallas InstaMeet by Londen Wheeler

So today, I took a really big step out of my box and met with a huge group of photographers from all over the DFW area... Wait, before I begin, calling the group "photographers" would be an complete understatement because these folks are true CREATIVES. When they see a shot that they want, they make it happen and they capture it well!  These folks have some of the most brilliant minds that I have seen in a long time.

Anyway, I found out about this Instameet via Instagram and thought that it would be a great idea to go and check it out.  This was an awesome way to get your follower game up on Instagram (P.S. follow me @lonwhlphoto) too!  I somehow ended up talking to this one guy and told him that I lived a little ways from Dallas so I'm not here often.  He asked me where I lived and he flipped out because he only lives about 10 minutes from me.  I'm hopeful that a really awesome friendships will come from this meet up.

Last week, I attended a march/rally that took place at the JFK Memorial in Dallas and today, we ended up stopping at the memorial again.  It was pretty cool to see that we had over 40 people come together for photography, music, laughter, and yes, freestyling.  Who would've thought that we would get a mini concert in the memorial?  I've noticed that the JFK Memorial is a place that brings a lot of people together, no matter the occasion.  The presence and atmosphere felt great and I felt like I was really starting to make friends in such an unfamiliar place.

Check out this video that I took of this raw talent!

I'm super excited for the next event and opportunity to go shoot with these amazing creatives.  I hope you all are ready to see my photography evolve!  I learned a lot in just a few hours so imagine the progress when it's warm outside and still daylight at 9pm.  I'm ready for the challenge. I'm ready for growth.  I'm ready for friendships.  I'm ready to be a creative.

A Cold Night In Dallas by Londen Wheeler

So I ordered some fairy lights from Amazon Prime last Wednesday, hoping that they would get here this past Friday.   Well, I guess because it's the season of giving, Amazon thought it was a great idea to hold my lights in one of their facilities 40 minutes from my house for two days until deciding to deliver it a few hours before this shoot.  Way to cut it close there, amazon!  

I tell ya what, the wait was definitely worth it because Natalie and I got some amazing shots in Dallas.  The temperature was in the low 30s, both of us had two pairs of pants on, I had three jackets on and gloves and still froze from just an hour of walking around.  I know, I know, "Londen low 30s isn't actually that bad."  But if anybody knows me, 96 degrees in the shade is cold for me.

Natalie and I met up in the Klyde Warren Park, started shooting a few shots there and worked our way over to the AT&T Performing Arts Center.  Being new to the city, it was great to just walk around and see what was around but there's still a lot of city to see.  However, seeing the rest of the city will have to wait until it's warmer!  I definitely can't wait until l can have a full day to just go and explore the city and find more interesting places to do some shoots.

One of my all-time favorite photographers, named Brandon Woelfel inspired me to go buy these fairy lights and do a shoot like this.  I'm trying to step out of my shell and try some different things with my photography.  So I hope you guys are excited to see more of this and some other projects that are coming in the future.