SMU Men's Basketball vs Wichita State by Londen Wheeler

What a wild ride 2019 has been so far in terms of the opportunities that I’ve had with my photography.  I’m still trying to figure out what’s next on my journey as a photographer!  I don’t know what the rest of the journey will look like but it’s been pretty sweet thus far.  You won’t find a blog post from the second basketball game that I shot at SMU, mainly because I got caught up with doing some other stuff and didn’t have time to make a post.  So, you’ll get this one instead!

The game against Wichita State was one of the best games I’ve seen in a while.  The intensity that each team played with was beyond amazing. These guys were going at it in the first half and at one point, I was hoping that we could take the game into a double overtime, jump start my excitement for March Madness! Unfortunately, the double overtime didn’t happen but it was still a great game nonetheless.

One other cool fact about this game was that it was their senior night and the last home game of the season.  President Bush didn’t show up to the past two games so I’m really lucky that I got a few photographs of him while he was there… Well, he could’ve been there but just not courtside like he was when I saw him.  Who knows.  Anyway, the senior night was pretty cool.  It was a packed stadium, intensity was there, the crowd was excited and all four seniors got to start together.  Being an athlete my entire life, I know exactly what it feels like to be playing your last home game and feeling how you’ll never go back to play there again as an athlete.  Wild, right?

Well, that’s all for now! Stay tuned for more to come this month! Lots of things moving and manifesting right now and I’m super excited to see where things will go.  Also, if you don’t already, give me a follow on Instagram to stay in the loop with what’s going on when I’m not posting blogs!

Neighborhood Basketball by Londen Wheeler

On my way home, I pass this park every day but for some reason I told myself to look over towards the basketball court today.  So I looked over and saw a bunch of guys playing this heat... So kudos to them for being out there and not passing out like I would've done.  But the guys were all very welcoming and cool to be around.  Some of them asked me if I was shooting for someone big which was a big "no" from me.  I explained that I did a lot of sports photography in my college days and that I needed to get some extra practice for what I have planned for this week.  I definitely need to get my eyes back into the swing of catching action so this was the next best thing for some extra practice.  Also, it's been four months since I last shot with my 1D Mark III so I had to dust that bad boy off and get some shots with it.

Some of the guys actually enjoy going to Downtown Dallas and doing shoots so I can't wait to link up with them and head down to Dallas for some street photography.  These are the moments that I live for.  Making these connections and getting to know people that I wouldn't normally make an effort to reach out to.  After being at work since 5:30 in the morning, that's the last thing I want to do is interact with people but today was different.  Maybe next time I see the fellas out there playing ball, I may just join them.  Don't know how well that would turn out since my soccer and track running skills don't cross over to basketball very well. *inserts wide eye emoji*

I would write more but I'm feeling a nap coming on! 

Also, can y'all believe we're halfway through the month of May? I swear it was just April last week!!  Where is the time going?!  Another thing, guys!  I'm interested in know what you all listen to on a daily basis!  If you have a Spotify account, feel free to send me a playlist or two or comment your favorite songs below.  I've been listening to a lot of Spanish music lately so I'm sharing one of my playlists with you guys!

Javin's Photo Session by Londen Wheeler

Javin DeLaurier, a 2016 St Anne's-Belfield School senior from Shipman, Virginia committed to Duke University to play basketball.  A family member to do something as great as that is simply amazing.  Athleticism is running through our veins as he is one of two people in our family to sign to play a sport at the Division I level this year.

Javin is by far one of the most humble human beings you would ever meet!  Knowing and watching him grow as an athlete and into a young man makes me believe that he is truly ready for what's ahead.  Best of luck to Javin as he finishes his senior year of high school and moves on to Duke next fall.  #GoDuke

Ending a semester with JMU Athletics! by Londen Wheeler

JMU students pose for a photo in front of the ESPN College GameDay bus.

JMU students pose for a photo in front of the ESPN College GameDay bus.

Well, it has been one heck of a semester with JMU athletics and it was definitely one to remember.  It was great to get to know the athletes across town from EMU.  It was a great season for all of the fall programs.  First off, the football team had an outstanding year!  They had seven consecutive wins, beat SMU (an FBS school), had ESPN College GameDay come to campus and competed in the NCAA tournament!  I'd say that they had a pretty successful season and is looking to have another successful season next fall.

Janey Goodman celebrating after JMU receives a point against the College of Charleston.

Janey Goodman celebrating after JMU receives a point against the College of Charleston.

Women's soccer won the CAA conference title this year and competed in the first round of the NCAA tournament.  Field hockey placed second in the CAA conference after an amazing game against the University of Delaware.  One of my favorite sports to photograph was the women's volleyball team.  Their celebrations were always really intense and super fun to capture!  Photographing cross country was fun too.  It was great seeing the ladies run but there was one meet where it poured down raining the ENTIRE time that they were running.  I was out in New Market with a super huge umbrella strapped between my back and my camera bag so that I was able to use both hands while shooting.  It was miserable for me with my umbrella, I could only imagine what it felt like to be running in that pouring rain the entire time they were running.

Men's soccer was great.  Those guys really know how to play some soccer.  Reminds me of the days when I was young and playing soccer myself.  The fellas came up short in their race to the CAA championship game as they were defending CAA champions.

Right now, we are photographing winter sports, which include men and women's basketball, and track & field.  So far that has been great!  Right before we went on Thanksgiving break, EMU and JMU played for the first time since 1975.  EMU lost but it was definitely a great game to watch, especially when it's the first time that both teams have met in 40 years. 

I will be continuing to shoot for JMU next semester as I finish up my final semester of undergrad.  Can't wait for softball and baseball to roll around!  This past spring, the softball team did really well and hosted the NCAA Regionals.  If all goes well, they could possibly host it again, so fingers crossed!

Be on the lookout for more blog posts as I will be posting more as time goes on!