Overcome! by Londen Wheeler

3x Olympian Lolo Jones

3x Olympian Lolo Jones

Olympians...  That is the only word to describe this year's JDL FastTrack Camel City Elite meet.  I got to meet Lolo Jones for the second time, Matthew Centrowitz, Jason Richardson, and Breanna Rollins.  It was another year of amazing opportunity and great people.  I got to connect with some really cool photographers, some who have done some crazy amazing things in their careers.  Not only did I get to meet cool photographers, I got to photograph the "world's greatest athlete" and 2012 Olympic champion Ashton Eaton.  Eaton was in the same preliminary section as one of my teammates in the 60 meter dash.  The next day, he competed against my roommate in the shot put and only beat him by a few inches.

I ran the 200 meter dash and didn't run the time that I had hoped but it's all good.  It is early in the season and there's a lot of room for improvement.  Only a few more weeks until our conference track meet.  Can't believe that this is my last indoor college track meet.  Wow... Where has the time gone? On top of that, I only have three more months until I graduate.  Like what?!  

I must say, 2016 has been pretty eventful and I can't wait to see what else comes along during the year.  Alright, guys, I'm signing off!