Trip to Virginia Part II / by Londen Wheeler


Well, we had a huge promotion in the family this past week, guys!  Aunt Rita was just promoted to Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) with the United States Army!  The promotion ceremony was in The Pentagon and I tell you what, I felt like I was doing something wrong every second I was there!  I was even walking down the halls feeling like I wasn't doing it right!  It was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to be inside of The Pentagon.  Maybe I'll be able to go back one day.  Anyway, Aunt Rita has been in service for almost 17 years and is still kicking it and doing well.  I couldn't be more proud of her for her accomplishments over the years.  Now we're just sitting back and waiting to see if she will pursue a Colonel position in the near future *inserts winky face emoji*.


Saturday rolls around and I took off to the old stomping grounds of Harrisonburg, VA.  There, I met up with my best friend, Sarina.  We invited Tenisha (Teeni) to do a photoshoot with us in the blistering cold because, why not?  We probably spent about 20 minutes in each location and ran back to the car because it was just too cold for this Texan to take in one day.  After the shoot, I was pretty blown away at how we were able to make Harrisonburg not look like Harrisonburg.  It low-key felt like we were out west somewhere.  New Mexico?  Anybody see it? Maybe it's just me.


Just like my last VA visit, I went to Divine Unite Community Church (DUCC) and worshipped with my spiritual family.  There was nothing better than seeing all of my good friends, hear good music, worship, and even have a jam session after service!  My dad came up and experienced his first service at DUCC as well.  It was good for him to finally put names to faces as I am always talking about DUCC. Every time I come back, the worship team asks if I'm going to be moving back.  I'm always super hesitant to answer because if the Lord wants it to happen then it will happen.  However, the inside of me is screaming, "PACK UP AND GO!"

Later on Sunday, I was able to meet up with some of my other good friends, Steele, Alice, and Cedar to do a quick family session in Purcell Park.  It's so wild to me that Cedar was literally so small before I left from Harrisonburg last November.  Now, Cedar is getting big and is talking!  Crazy how quickly kids grow up.  After the photoshoot, we went to eat our family dinner together and catch up on each other's lives.


Well, Monday was my last day of being in Harrisonburg but I couldn't leave until I did a shoot with my homie Caleb and his wife.  We met up at Purcell Park around 7 in the morning to do a quick shoot and it was awesome!  Yeah, it was cold but I sucked it up for these photos!

Before leaving Harrisonburg, I had to run over to EMU to see Scott and my former EMU professors.  It was super nostalgic to be back on campus for a few moments to see everyone.  Even more nostalgic to be hearing some wisdom from Jerry Holsopple.  He continually says things that makes me really rethink how I'm doing things in life.  I think those words of wisdom is what pushes me to see things in a different perspective.  I've always appreciated that.  Good times.  Let's close this thing out!

Overall, a good trip.  My "vacation" turned into me taking a bunch of photos and running around VA like a chicken with no head but I can't complain.  It was a great time to be around friends and family knowing that everyone was in good health and doing well.  Keep living well.  I love y'all!