SMU Men's Basketball vs. UCF / by Londen Wheeler

Well, y’all, I somehow got another gig at SMU.  This time it was for basketball.  It’s been several years since I shot DI basketball so it was an amazing feeling to be back in the game!  This time when I applied for media credentials, it took a couple of weeks to get back to me and I was certain that after a couple of weeks of not hearing back that I wouldn’t get to photograph any games.  Well, one Wednesday afternoon, I got an email approving me for the three home games that I had applied for.  Talk about stoked?!  Remember that they don’t let you photograph their sports unless you are employed by a publication, blog, or newspaper.  I can truly say that I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to continue to shoot.  I’m praying that my relationship with SMU grows so that I can continue to photograph their sports.  It’s been a while since I’ve done any lacrosse, softball and baseball so maybe I’ll apply for one of those credentials?  We’ll see!


Also, let’s talk about seeing President George W. Bush at the game!  I knew that he showed up to games but I certainly wasn’t expecting him to be at this one!  After I got there, they announced that he is a season ticket holder so I now assume that he’ll likely be at the next two games that I’ll be at.  President Bush and I even locked eyes a few times so that was cool.  I didn’t get to talk with him like I did with President Obama at the event I photographed back in 2013.  So, now I can say that I’ve photographed two US presidents and hopefully that list will continue to grow as years come.

I’ve got nothing else going on other than this and two more basketball games.  I’ll definitely keep you in the loop if anything cool comes up. Also, I’m really itching to go on another trip so if anybody knows of some pretty cool places to visit that’s fairly cheap, please let me know!