Nadine / by Londen Wheeler

I hung out with the most extraordinary woman this past weekend and I can honestly say that it was the BEST time I’ve ever had on a shoot.  I’ve never been around someone who can light up a room with personality like Nadine does.  This shoot was at least two years overdue but we somehow managed to squeeze it into our busy schedules.  I’m not even sure if we could call this a photoshoot because she played some fire music and I found myself dancing majority of the time.  Unprofessional, I know, but when the music hits, I don’t have a choice but to cut a little rug here and there.

Before, during and after our shoot, we had a ton of conversations about what we’ve done and gone through this past year.  We even talked about our aspirations and goals for this coming year and how everything is transpiring thus far.  It was refreshing to be around someone who spoke life and new beginnings into the atmosphere.  I will say this, though.  This year will be life-changing and full of risks.

Oh!! One other thing! So, I’ve never eaten Pho before and I’m ashamed that I’ve never had any because Dallas has a million places to eat Pho and I still managed to not eat any…  Anyway, we went to I Luv Pho in Irving and she hooked me up with some really great tasting Pho and showed me the best way to eat it.  I’m a fan and I definitely can’t wait to go eat Pho again.

Also, make sure you guys go and follow Nadine (@nadine.means.hope) on Instagram!  The heat she posts is amazing!