Urban Surrealism Through Symmetry / by Londen Wheeler

Photo by Jonathan Bush

Photo by Jonathan Bush

Londen Wheeler is a photojournalist from the Central Virginia area.  He holds a B.A. with majors in Communication, Digital Media, and Photography.

Photo credits include the FCA magazine, Strayer University magazine, James Madison University’s Athletic Communications Eastern Mennonite University's Crossroads magazine,  Nelson County Times, New Era Progress, and the Daily News Record.

Artist Statement

Symmetry, shapes, lines -- something that I am always looking for, whether it’s photographing or just walking around and taking in the things that I see. I created these photographs in places that had fascinating linear layouts. After viewing the photographs on screen, I wondered what kind of shapes and lines would be made if I were to reflect the image. Some of the images turned out to have very compelling centerpieces, ranging from sharp v-like centers to abstract and unrecognizable forms.

I took a trip to New York City this past semester to explore and find places that were symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing. I also went to the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC for the first time and thought it would be interesting to see what kind of shape would form in the middle. I was inspired by creating a sense of Urban Surrealism through symmetry while I was photographing.

I decided to print the photographs in black and white to emphasize the contrasts and tonalities that each photo had. Some of the photographs were edited with High Dynamic Range to help emphasize the lines and tones of the image.